Diesel engine fuelled with blends of Jatropha curcas oil and diesel fuel

Ramón Piloto-Rodríguez, Indira Tobío-Pérez, Jesús Suárez-Hernández


The development of alternative fuels for diesel engines is important for reduction of environmental impact but for contribution to sustainability. In this order, the use of Jatropha curcas biodiesel or instead of it the neat vegetable oil for fueling engines is an alternative under study. The scope of this research is to test the performance and ignition behavior of JCO as fuel in a diesel engine taking into account that the use of oil as fuel in the engine is feasible. The use of JCO in the engine as fuel decreases the power outlet and engine efficiency. When the percentage of JCO in the blend increased, the exhaust temperature rises, but also exhaust emissions of CO and HC. The results of ignition delay determination showed not significant differences for any blend compared to diesel fuel. The paper is only focused on engine test benches and further researches related to road tests, endurance tests and corrosion effect should be addressed.

Palabras clave

Jatropha curcas; straight vegetable oils; diesel engine; engine test

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