A new method for wind power limit calculation using P-V curves and continuation power flow routine

Ariel Santos-Fuentefria, Miguel Castro Fernández, Antonio Martínez García


Wind generation can have a significant impact on the power flow, voltage profile and the power
quality for customers and electricity suppliers. This paper presents a new method for calculate the wind power limit for each node with the connection of a wind farm. The method considers the static security constrains and voltage system stability using P-V curve and analyzing the distance to voltage collapse. The method was applied and validated on the IEEE 30 bus test system and the results are very close to those obtained in a previous work from other authors. Further evaluation to analyze the influence of the load and interconnection point characteristics in the wind power limit was carried out. In all cases, the system remains voltage stable and increases the distance to voltage collapse.

Palabras clave

Wind power limit; continuation power flow; P-V curves; voltage collapse

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